April 24, 2018 – Phenomenal Women in Technology: Cyndi Masters, CEO, DBS Interactive

As we roll into the 14th week of Music Tech, we hope you will join us and be inspired this Tuesday.  There are so many Phenomenal Women in the tech space here in Louisville, and we want their stories to be heard. So from now on, the last Tuesday of every month we will be highlighting the stories of Phenomenal Women in Technology.    Lesa Seibert had to reschedule for 6/26/18, so she introduced us to Cyndi Masters.

We love the way the Universe works, especially when we ALLOW ourselves to be OK, when things don’t go as planned.  Being introduced to Cyndi was serendipitous. Her story is amazing and has only strengthened our resolve moving forward.

Not to spoil the story, but Cyndi persevered through a devastating motorcycle accident 17 years ago that not only nearly killed her, left her needing 22 surgeries, seizures, cancer, a broken neck.  Just a few obstacles which prevented her from working. She lost everything except her WILL to move forward. Her story of freedom through technology is simply inspiring, and one you won’t want to miss!

Today Cyndi is a self described serial entrepreneur wanting to make a difference in the business world and peoples lives. She is CEO of DBS Interactive and Co-Founder at Mighty Small Homes which sells customizable home kits that include precut, prefabricated insulated panels.  <– (all of my tiny house friends are going to FREAK when they see this!)

A well traveled speaker and philanthropist who loves music. Cyndi sits on 4 non profit boards and has a passion for giving back to disadvantaged kids and making a difference in other peoples lives.  We look forward to Cyndi’s talk Tuesday at 630 PM.

April 17, 2018 – Trends in Collaboration: David Carty

This week we are in for a treat as the first Music Tech corporate MASH-UP is taking place with Cummins Engine and UPS!!!  This lineup is a mixture of Engineers and Tech workers with a high passion for music.

We were blown away with the musicianship and talent of these guys.  The band got together on Wednesday for our ONE AND ONLY practice.  It’s a rare occasion when strangers can get together and run a set list from start to finish, with only one or two stops, and excellent execution.  Well, we say strangers, turns out Greg Gaddis (UPS) has been knowing these guys since grade school, it was Desiree who was the stranger.  We will be running the set list pasted below. Lots of fun!!!

After the music we are looking forward to our guest, David Carty from Data Strategy sharing Trends in Collaboration. David is also a musician with a strong Infrastructure Architecture background working in the collaboration space for the last several years.   Data Strategy has been a tremendous partner with Music Tech and are looking to put together their own band and record a song or two!  Stay tuned more to come from the Data Strategy Band!

See you Tuesday at The Levee 5-8 PM!

April 10, 2018 – Ankur Gopal, CEO Interapt


This Tuesday Music Tech Connect welcomes Ankur Gopal CEO, Interapt.  We were introduced to Ankur through fellow music lover, Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro.

As a recruiter, it’s exciting to hear what makes people tick.  We found an interesting interview of Ankur on Business First from a few years ago.  It was very personal and touched on some of the topics we always ask when recruiting for clients.

It’s easy to see Ankur as a successful business man.  It’s his experiences, preferences and passions that were the ingredients to his success.  Of interest to our topic, Ankur loves music.  His favorite song is New World Man by Rush … says it probably defines him best. Rusty Cage by Soundgarden is probably a close second.  He used to perform improv and auditioned for movies.  But like many talented people with big dreams, there came a time when he had to make a choice between a Business MBA or being a full time entertainer.

This is what makes Music Tech so important to us.  This is a platform for like minded people to get together around a common love for Music.

Ankur’s dreams are not unlike many of us … he wants to make a big impact, to see others rise, create sustainable practices and companies that leave our earth better than we found it, and he wants to spend quality time with people he cares about.

Looking forward to hearing Ankur’s story.

See you Tuesday!

*Ankur’s photo credit: Business First