Music Tech Connect is taking a summer break!  We’ve had so much fun and learned even more over these last 15 weeks!

Moving forward with new alliances and partners, we will be taking the show on the road in a few select Kentucky towns during the summer months.

Stay tuned for updates, private event announcements and new schedules in the fall!

Thank you for all of your support!


May 22nd 2018 – Music Tech Trivia Night – Woodrow on the Radio

Music Tech Connects – join us for fun, new friends, great food and music Tuesday at The Levee – 3015 River Road, Louisville, KY.

This Tuesday, Woodrow on the Radio will be hosting our very first Music Tech Trivia night! He’ll be spinning wax all night from 6PM till 10PM.  For those of you who don’t know Woodrow.  He has hosted Woody’s Roadhouse on WFPK for over 20 years now.  He’s a well known Louisville favorite, who shares all of the greatest moments in music via vinyl singles.

Get your teams together!

Trivia starts at 6:30 PM – 4 ROUNDS of (5) Needle Drops
1 Point for Name
1 Point for Artist
1 Point for Year Released

$50 Levee gift card to winning team!

Grab your friends, form a team (up to 5) and geek out to Music Trivia – Drop The Needle

May 15th 2018 – Stacy Griggs:

Stacy Griggs, CEO, El Toro is our guest speaker for Music Tech Connect.  We officially met when he attended a Music Tech event in March, but i’ve been knowing OF Stacy for a while.  He is hip to the idea of connecting our Tech Community around music and is spreading the word.  Stacy doesn’t play an instrument but he loves music and has recognized that many of his techie friends, are indeed musicians as well.

If you didn’t catch his talk at DisruptHR – it’s a great one! Does the World Still Need HR?  SuperMan / Human Resources / barefoot employees … The world has changed … have you?

Does the World Still Need HR? | Stacy Griggs | DisruptHR Talks

Stacy is not only a leader in our Tech community, but a SERVANT leader as well.  When he is not traveling, you’ll most likely find him running a call with the Volunteer Fire Department, making about 150 runs a year.

How he keeps up with travels, volunteering and growing El Toro is beyond me.  Maybe he can share some of his time management secrets with us!

El Toro was named the 13th fastest growing tech company in North America in 2017.  They are doing some pretty innovative work and are looking for brilliant minds who want to make a difference.  With partners like CodeLouisville, they have recently hired their 80th employee and growth continues with sights on an addition of 40-50 more employees through 2018.  

Stacy has led three different organizations that were recognized by Inc. Magazine on the Inc. 500 list as the fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States. He was named a member of Emerging Entrepreneurs Class of 2017, and El Toro was named by EDJ Analytics as one of 5 startups to watch for 2018.


May 8, 2018 – Mike Meyer – IOT – An Infrastructure Perspective

Mike Meyer, Infrastructure Architect for HPE’s Nimble Storage will be our guest Tuesday May 8th.  Mike is a fellow musician and Genius Loves Company favorite.

Mike is a Sr. Storage Architect for HPE’s Nimble Storage Solutions.  He has recently found himself traveling around the country discussing IOT and HyperConverged systems.  Being a Musician and fellow Techie he thought it was a perfect opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with our Music Tech community.

Mike’s has abundant creativity.  In his spare time, he and fellow coworkers have created a hilarious series called “The IT Shop” where Mike is responsible for most of the writing, behind the scenes and video editing work.  The show was birthed out of their mutual distaste for power-point presentations.

On a side note, we will be adding a Techie Trivia element to our Tuesday events, so be sure to bring your Genius hat.  Winners get to hold the Techie Trophy for ONE week.  High honors will go to the individual/team/company with the most WINS for  2018.

Mike is a pretty multidimensional dude and we’re excited for our friends to meet him.  Being that the guitar is one of his greatest passions, we’ve asked him to sit and do a song or two with Brown To The Bone …  mark your  calendar’s next week for Music Tech Connect!

See you Tuesday 5-8PM!