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Music Tech CONNECTS!!

Did you know that Louisville became a city because the falls of the Ohio forced people to stop here?  We were a huge player during the hay day of water transport as well as rail. Bigger than Chicago. Opportunity is knocking, and It’s time to add technology AND music to Louisville’s great menu of bourbon, horses and food.

The challenges of recruiting and retaining tech talent are mounting. Attracting millennials with these passions will put Louisville back on the map.

We are a group of technology nerds that would like a reason to stay in Louisville. We love music and want to make the city a better, more inclusive place by providing a time and place where technology, music and the geeks who love both, can mix and mingle.

Let’s not be the Louisville of the past, one of the largest cities in the U.S. in the mid-1800s that just a few year later stumbled and sputtered into mediocrity.

It’s time to capture the glory Louisville had in exploiting commercial enterprises like river and rail commerce. Now Louisville must exploit the data highway to be a player on the national and international stage. The time is right for Louisville to be known for more than bourbon, horses, and food – though those don’t hurt.

With millennial's now the majority of the workforce, we need more. We need a community that represents the culture.  Austin was put on the map in large part because of music and tech scene that is symbolized by the SXSW festival.  They have a city that can’t hold more talent while the rest of us compete for what’s left.

Join Music Tech Connect, your support will help greater Louisville be great again. Your support will put Louisville back on the stage.  It is especially important for individuals and companies who need to recruit and maintain talent and be competitive, like Louisville once was.

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