April 3, 2018 – Emerging Trends in the Data Center: Aaron Gillespie

Data Strategy’s Aaron Gillespie will be our featured speaker Tuesday April 3rd.
Aaron’s background is in Storage and will be discussing Emerging Trends in the Data Center such as data deduplication, hyper converged systems and future trends of storage media.

Aaron is a musician, playing Trombone weekly and teaching kids band.  His musical interests range anywhere from Arcade Fire to Bob Marley to Jim James.


March 27th 2018 – Science of Spirits: Copper & Kings


Tuesday March 27th Genius Loves Company favorite Copper & Kings, will be featured discussing “The Science of Spirits”.  Jeremy Irvin will be sharing the technology behind the brandy and maybe a little about his music too.  He is a guitarist and sometimes, bass player.  Copper & Kings family has LOTS of musical talent and we look forward to sharing the stage with them sometime soon!

We  have been loving this brandy ever since we herd Joe’s story.  And again, being a Nikola Tesla freak., when we heard that Copper & Kings brandy was distilled by SOUND in copper kettles … we knew right away that we HAD to meet them.  So next week is yet another dream coming true.  The Crosley Radios Featured Artist Warren Ray, will showcasing his original Tune, “Tangerine Durango” live with The Boxwine Prophets. It’s so good, Copper & Kings is even making a Specialty Drink in the song’s honor: Tangerine Durango.

See you Tuesday 5-8PM!!

March 20th 2018 – Does Music Tech Really Connect? Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say YES!

This Tuesday’s Music Tech Connect is going to feature few extra special guests who represent THE MUSIC TECH CONNECT.  We will have an Applications Architect, a Business Intelligence Data Architect, an Information Security and Infrastructure Architect. I’ve asked them all to bring their instrument.  It will be a round table discussion and a little show and tell, as we explore the theory a little further. Answering the question: Does Music Tech Really Connect?   And why  WE believe this initiative is valuable and worthwhile.

For those who can stay for the Earthtone Showcase, you are in for a HUGE  treat!   Earl Guthrie & The Boxwine Prophets are going to play some great original tunes mixed in with a few covers.  If you like Little Feat, you won’t want to miss this!

If you have friends, co-workers or bosses who are Musicians.  Please invite them to join us this Tuesday night.  For those who don’t know, we are providing opportunities for ALL musicians to get connected. Tuesday Nights at the Levee supports TWO musical groups: Those with corporate careers who love music and those who have chosen music careers over corporate careers.  Every once in a while, the two overlap and it’s truly magical experience.  It’s a melting pot of talent, and an evening that every musician and music LOVER in Greater Louisville should be aware of.

Next week’s Music Tech Connect, Genius Loves Company guest is Joe Heron from Copper & Kings, discussing “The Science of Spirits”.  We  have been loving this brandy ever since we herd Joe’s story.  And again, being a Nikola Tesla freak., when we heard that Copper & Kings brandy was distilled by SOUND in copper kettles … we knew right away that we HAD to meet him.  So next week is yet another dream coming true.  The Featured Earthtone Artist is Warren Ray, showcasing his original Tune, “Tangerine Durango” live with The Boxwine Prophets. It’s so good, Copper & Kings is even making a Specialty Drink in the song’s honor: Tangerine Durango.

See you Tuesday for Music Tech Connect 5-8PM!


March 13th 2018 – The Future of Renewable Energy in Technology: Jim Stanway

Jim Stanway is currently the NEO Network Manager at Schneider Electric.  The NEO Network is a collaborative of energy buyers (including data center operators) and renewable energy developers who work to expand the market for renewable energy through increased market intelligence and product development.

I was introduced to Jim through a mutual friend who has a pretty good handle on my freakish obsession with Nikola Tesla, and a dream to give free energy to the world.  While we are not there YET, Jim tells me that we are close to cleaner and cheaper energy, as long as we all continue to do our part.

It always thrills me to discuss the innovations and efforts on sustainability and decreasing our carbon footprint in this world (like the UPS Orion Project).  So when I was introduced to Jim, I jumped on the chance to have him speak at our event.  No power point presentations – Jim’s delivery style is authentic and entertaining.  Oh, and you’ll love his British accent!

After Jim’s talk we’ll share some “cooler sides of brown” from UPSers with a passion in this space.  Kelly Hodges, Managing Director in the High Tech and Industrial/Automotive sectors at UPS  and Justin Middlebrook, a Business Intelligence developer and self described alternative energy geek, member of the Air Region Green Team.

If you’re like me and you want to surround yourself with people who work hard to leave this Earth better than we found it, make sure you mark your calendars for this Tuesday. Together we can all do our part,  knowledge and awareness is the first step!

We’ll be giving away a $50 Gift card to The Levee at 8PM!

See you Tuesday!!

A little more about Jim:  Prior to his role at the NEO he worked for Facebook working within their data center energy and site selection teams evaluating sites,  reviewing infrastructure reliability and pricing and contracting renewable energy. He worked on multiple data center projects in the United States including the project that was constructed in Fort Worth, Texas and internationally in the European Union on the projects that are under construction in Ireland and Denmark.

For 17 years Jim worked for Wal-Mart Stores responsible for and leading energy procurement, energy efficiency and supply chain sustainability. Additionally while at Wal-Mart, managed team that installed the largest distributed renewable power program in the U.S.

He has 27 years of energy industry experience including five years with a deregulated power marketing company, three years with a regulated investor-owned utility and the balance with Wal-Mart Stores, Facebook and Schneider Electric. Jim has contracted for energy in all 50 states and internationally. He has testified before the U.S. Senate and appeared at U.S. Congressional panels regarding energy, climate change and national security.

March 6, 2018 – Augmented/Virtual Reality: Joel Eckert (Big Little Pictures)

Well it’s been a few soggy weeks here in Possibility City – but good news … The Levee is open for business!! Look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday from 5-8PM – we’ll be giving away $50 Gift Card to the Levee at 8PM.

Brown to the Bone will kick off the evening with special guest Brad Jones, COO of BluegrassNet.  He’s a KILLER bass player … check out an impromptu moment a few weeks ago when he joined us onstage for a few songs.  We’ll be doing a whole set as Sean answers the call of duty this week.

We are so excited to introduce you to Joel Eckert of Big Little Pictures! Joel moved to Louisville in January 2006 from the Big Apple to help PowerCreative build and create a team in AR/VR. He did some incredible things in his 10 years at PowerCreative and decided to try his hand as an entrepreneur, and opened Little Big Pictures in 2015.

Joel is also a Musician … which is more proof that our concept of Music Tech is a real thing!!
He says his favorite kind of music is the kind that puts you to sleep! lol. I actually agree with him right now, as I’ve had too many long nights and would enjoy a bit of chill music to slow down.

Check out some of his work done in collaboration with Power Creative and VIA Studio over the last ten years of his career. This reel showcases many of the rad things they made together.

See You Tuesday at The Levee!!!

February 27th 2018 – VIRTUAL Meeting DUE TO FLOODS – Blockchain — VS — The VC – Andrew Prell

**UPDATE**  Due to rising flood waters at Zorn Avenue and River Road, our weekly event at The Levee is cancelled for Feb 27th.  However, Andrew has some VALUABLE information to share, anyone interested in being a part of the discussion can join our VIRTUAL ZOOM meeting by clicking on THIS LINK, Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.

We are very excited to have Andrew Prell as our guest speaker Tuesday, February 27th!  He recently spoke on the TALK panel discussion on BlockChain / Bitcoin earlier this month.  It’s rare to catch him in Louisville as he is traveling so much with the launch of Silica Nexus Project ICO (Initial Community Offering as he puts it.)

His company was JUST FULLY SUPPORTED by Brock and Crystal Rose Peirce through Unicorn.VC on Friday and they are now looking for 5 more ICO Managers, as 5 slots have already been filled.

Andrew has a passion for technology and would LOVE to see Louisville rise to it’s full potential of being a Technology Center for Innovation, but realizes we still have a long road to haul.  He has laid out pathways for Louisville to be just that, but so far has not received the needed support.  Andrew has developed relationships with Tim Draper and team, and is interested in bringing them, along with Brock Pierce’s whole cryptocurrency ecosystem to Louisville this Derby 2018 through hosting a D10E Derby Week. A move that could absolutely CHANGE the GAME for Louisville in the Technology space, if embraced!

As you know, my vision for Louisville aka Possibility City, in conjunction with TALK (Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky) is to see Louisville become a player in the Technology field.  I have been recruiting top IT talent in Louisville for over 20 years.  I can FEEL the energy and see our potential.  Now is the time to bring these players to the table!

For a little perspective: Let’s discuss Austin Texas.  About 30 years ago this little po dunk event called SXSW started around Music.  About 100 people came, then the added Movies – and saw about 300 people in attendance.  Then 20 years ago, Tech space entered the game at SXSWi.  About 80 people showed up for the tech events, and now, it’s about 35,000 people strong.  Doesn’t sound like a lot of people, when you compare it to Derby numbers… but let’s take a little deeper look.  Derby has an attendance of over 10x the people, but the City Impact for Derby Week per person is around $85 (or $128M City Impact.)  SXSW is averaging $1500 PP (About $325M City Impact) with significantly less headaches because of the technology companies fighting over mindshare of the attendees.

Andrew Prell is leading a BRILLIANT initiative, that will truly change the face of gaming by putting all gaming platforms onto the BlockChain.  He has crypto to invest in other startups and he has created a pathway for Louisville to bring TOP TALENT into our fold … Join Us Tuesday for Music Tech Connect!

Love Tech? Music to our ears!




February 20th 2018 – Phenomenal Women In Tech

$75 Visa Gift Card Giveaway (8PM) courtesy of Cadre Information Security 

Our keynote speaker this Tuesday will be Sheri Donahue. Sheri recently held the position of, Cyber Security Strategic Partnerships Director at Humana and is now pursuing her lifelong dream of running for office, in her bid for KY State Senate Dist 36.  She believes it’s time for women to bring their talents and experience to government leadership.

Sheri is a big picture, strategic thinker and connector.  She has been involved in security related fields most of her career, her favorite role being in Naval Intelligence.  She has been actively involved with InfraGard for over 7 years and served as National President of InfraGard National Members Alliance (2012 – 2015). A 16 year civilian Navy engineer and Purdue Engineering Graduate.

After Sheri’s talk we will have a short panel discussion from other Phenomenal Women & A Few Good Men, who advocate & support women’s leadership – sharing insights on working and surviving in a male dominated industry.

Firas Hamza, Digital Transformation Executive at Microsoft will be a part of our panel.  He is one of the brightest, kindest human’s we know.  We have had many discussion on women’s leadership, and how it is growing and changing in Kentucky. With friends like Firas, the road ahead will be much easier than the road from which we came. For someone who grew up on a country where women’s struggle for equality has even MORE miles to go, Firas has always been one of our biggest advocates, and for him, we are grateful.

Dawn Yankeelov, President of TALK (Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky) will share a few highlights from her recent CompTia DC Fly-in.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet and network with other like minds, see you Tuesday at The Levee!! 5PM – 8PM

$75 Gift Card Drawing at 8PM – Must be present to win!

February 13th 2018 – Brandon Baker, CISSP-ISSAP

We are giving away a $75 Gift Card to The Levee/River House!  Drawing at 8:00 PM (Must be Present to Win)

This week we are discussing Information Security.  Our featured Guest is Brandon Baker, CISSP-ISSAP , SR. Information Security Analyst with LG&E. Brandon has a fun, authentic, refreshing and often sarcastic personality that I LOVE and has been working in the Information Security space since before the term was coined. Brandon will be speaking on topic of “Playing Cops & Robbers.” After Brandon, we will have a short panel discussion with UPS SOC Team members about their team, work/lifestyle balance and why they choose UPS as their employer.  Our honored guests are Joe Oney, (GCTI, GWEB, GMON, GCFA) Manager of Information Security,   Adam Decker, (GCIH, GMON) Lead Cyber Intelligence Analyst, and Sean Ayres, (GCIA & GCIH), Bass Player for Brown To The Bone and Lead Cyber Intelligence Analyst at UPS.

This team is very near and dear to my heart, as we have worked closely together to hire the very best Information Security Operations Team in the Greater Louisville Cities Region.  I am SO PROUD of this team and am excited to introduce my friends!

See you Tuesday 5PM – 8ish!


February 6, 2018 – HR Disruption Panel Discussion

Sphero Star Wars Droid Robot Giveaway!  Drawing 2/6/18 @ 7:30 (Must Be Present to WIN)

This week we are discussing Talent recruitment, engagement and retention.  With the advances in technology – old ways are passing away and how we move forward in the future is vastly different from where we’ve been.

Our panel this week will be hosted by Desiree Thayer, CEO of Genius Loves Company and Sr. IT Recruiter for UPS .  Our honored guests are Jesse Daniels – Talent Recruitment for YUM! Brands and Ashley Wilczek – Director of Human Resources at Superb Industrial Powder Coating and Zack Pennington Sales Manager for EDJ Analytics.

Jesse, Ashley and Zack are ALL Genius Loves Company FAVORITES.

Jesse Daniels has worn MANY hats throughout his career.  He is a Certified CCNA, CSM and CSPO,  A Website/Mobile App Developer, Marketing Strategist, SEO expert, Experienced Technical Business Development and Sales Leader.  In addition to ALL of that … he has developed StayActive502 – a fitness App that is helping LOTS of people get in shape from the comfort of their home with an incredible leader/motivator.  Jesse’s true passion is in fitness and he has helped many of my friends find their waistlines again!

Ashley Wilczek SHPR is Director of HR with SuperbIPC and President of local HR Consulting business Vivacity HR.  She put together DisruptHR in January 2017.  It was an INCREDIBLE event – filled with life and laughs … no dry boring HR stuff here!

Zack Pennington is a serial entrepreneur and fellow musician. He has co founded several ventures here in the Greater Louisville Area, is on the board of Venture Connectors and my personal favorite topic: plays guitar and sings with his band Light Treasons.

Being multi-dimensional entrepreneurs and out of the box thinkers – we look forward to discussing talent solutions for the Greater Louisville Cities Region with these brilliant minds.

As always our Tuesday Night Drink Specials at The Levee: $3 off Copper & Kings and $1 off Goodwood Draft!

See you Tuesday!

January 30th 2018 – Special Guest Tim Totten

We’re so excited to have Tim Totten as our guest speaker this Tuesday.  Tim is a wireless Architect in the Global Network Services of UPS.  He has been investing in Bitcoin since 2012.

His knowledge in Blockchain/Bitcoin technologies is deep and if you’re like most of us, we could use a bit more education on this bleeding edge technology.

Genius Loves Company is giving away a Sphero Droid Robot as a door prize!  

Hope to see you there!!