Conversations with Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz – ambition on a mission. Tatiana is a Musician and Technology enthusiast. Her journey for financial freedom was rejuvenated when she discovered the power of blockchain, and it’s ability to liberate humanity. Being a Bitcoin girl, she decided to create the first ever Artist owned coin – Tatiana Coin.
Tatiana has been playing music since she was 16 years old . Growing up with influences like Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and others, she loved the way music had the ability to send a message and start a movement.
Her dream is to see humanity liberated and taking back ownership and gaining financial independence through their art. Her simple math equation of 1000 followers – $100/year. It’s not stardom, but it’s an income that artists can thrive under. Her vision is in the works on the platform of Token.FM A platform for musicians built by musicians.


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