March 13th 2018 – The Future of Renewable Energy in Technology: Jim Stanway

Jim Stanway is currently the NEO Network Manager at Schneider Electric.  The NEO Network is a collaborative of energy buyers (including data center operators) and renewable energy developers who work to expand the market for renewable energy through increased market intelligence and product development.

I was introduced to Jim through a mutual friend who has a pretty good handle on my freakish obsession with Nikola Tesla, and a dream to give free energy to the world.  While we are not there YET, Jim tells me that we are close to cleaner and cheaper energy, as long as we all continue to do our part.

It always thrills me to discuss the innovations and efforts on sustainability and decreasing our carbon footprint in this world (like the UPS Orion Project).  So when I was introduced to Jim, I jumped on the chance to have him speak at our event.  No power point presentations – Jim’s delivery style is authentic and entertaining.  Oh, and you’ll love his British accent!

After Jim’s talk we’ll share some “cooler sides of brown” from UPSers with a passion in this space.  Kelly Hodges, Managing Director in the High Tech and Industrial/Automotive sectors at UPS  and Justin Middlebrook, a Business Intelligence developer and self described alternative energy geek, member of the Air Region Green Team.

If you’re like me and you want to surround yourself with people who work hard to leave this Earth better than we found it, make sure you mark your calendars for this Tuesday. Together we can all do our part,  knowledge and awareness is the first step!

We’ll be giving away a $50 Gift card to The Levee at 8PM!

See you Tuesday!!

A little more about Jim:  Prior to his role at the NEO he worked for Facebook working within their data center energy and site selection teams evaluating sites,  reviewing infrastructure reliability and pricing and contracting renewable energy. He worked on multiple data center projects in the United States including the project that was constructed in Fort Worth, Texas and internationally in the European Union on the projects that are under construction in Ireland and Denmark.

For 17 years Jim worked for Wal-Mart Stores responsible for and leading energy procurement, energy efficiency and supply chain sustainability. Additionally while at Wal-Mart, managed team that installed the largest distributed renewable power program in the U.S.

He has 27 years of energy industry experience including five years with a deregulated power marketing company, three years with a regulated investor-owned utility and the balance with Wal-Mart Stores, Facebook and Schneider Electric. Jim has contracted for energy in all 50 states and internationally. He has testified before the U.S. Senate and appeared at U.S. Congressional panels regarding energy, climate change and national security.

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