March 20th 2018 – Does Music Tech Really Connect? Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say YES!

This Tuesday’s Music Tech Connect is going to feature few extra special guests who represent THE MUSIC TECH CONNECT.  We will have an Applications Architect, a Business Intelligence Data Architect, an Information Security and Infrastructure Architect. I’ve asked them all to bring their instrument.  It will be a round table discussion and a little show and tell, as we explore the theory a little further. Answering the question: Does Music Tech Really Connect?   And why  WE believe this initiative is valuable and worthwhile.

For those who can stay for the Earthtone Showcase, you are in for a HUGE  treat!   Earl Guthrie & The Boxwine Prophets are going to play some great original tunes mixed in with a few covers.  If you like Little Feat, you won’t want to miss this!

If you have friends, co-workers or bosses who are Musicians.  Please invite them to join us this Tuesday night.  For those who don’t know, we are providing opportunities for ALL musicians to get connected. Tuesday Nights at the Levee supports TWO musical groups: Those with corporate careers who love music and those who have chosen music careers over corporate careers.  Every once in a while, the two overlap and it’s truly magical experience.  It’s a melting pot of talent, and an evening that every musician and music LOVER in Greater Louisville should be aware of.

Next week’s Music Tech Connect, Genius Loves Company guest is Joe Heron from Copper & Kings, discussing “The Science of Spirits”.  We  have been loving this brandy ever since we herd Joe’s story.  And again, being a Nikola Tesla freak., when we heard that Copper & Kings brandy was distilled by SOUND in copper kettles … we knew right away that we HAD to meet him.  So next week is yet another dream coming true.  The Featured Earthtone Artist is Warren Ray, showcasing his original Tune, “Tangerine Durango” live with The Boxwine Prophets. It’s so good, Copper & Kings is even making a Specialty Drink in the song’s honor: Tangerine Durango.

See you Tuesday for Music Tech Connect 5-8PM!


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